We supply unconditional support for your success to a life of sobriety. Please keep scrolling to take a look at our beautiful facilities!


We take pride in the construction our facilities. We want you to feel at home here at The First Step Community. We invite you to come view our facilities.

Appealing Meeting Hall

12-Step meetings are a big part of recovery. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into the construction of our meeting hall. We want you and the community to feel invited and welcomed. 

Designed with You in Mind

Our living areas are spacious and decorated with you in mind. We believe that the living environment of our homes should be healthy and conducive to your recovery. 

Unique Styles in Each House

Each one of our apartments in the community has a different style that is sure to please anyone that walks in. Our goal is to make sure you feel welcome and at home.

Clean Bathrooms

A big part of sober living is making sure our facilities are clean. We take great pride in keeping each area as clean as possible and each resident is responsible for doing so.

Comfortable Bedrooms

Whether you’re sleeping, relaxing or doing your step work, we wanted to make sure your bedroom areas feel like home. Our beds are comfortable and the room is inviting.

Appealing Outside View

Just like the inside we believe the outside needs to look its best. Each resident is responsible for keeping the grounds manicured and looking great. 

Interior Design

The owners of our facility put a lot of time and effort into the decorating of our beautiful facility. Not only should you feel welcome but the community should, too.

Functional Meeting Hall

Not only is our conference hall used for 12-step meetings, but we use it for watching recovery-related movies and hold mandatory house meetings. Fellowship is important to us.

Adequate Workout Area

Working out and staying fit is a big part of recovery. That’s why we chose our workout equipment carefully with you in mind.

“There is no shame in beginning again, for you get a chance to build bigger and better than before.”


The First Step Sober Living Apartment Community

The First Step offers a harmonious environment for recovering addicts who wish to continue their journey towards a sober life. It is a safe and loving place where clients can get the necessary help required to get back on their feet and slowly but surely gain control of their addiction before safely going back to their respective homes.

  • Full-time, live in Director of Operations, Manager and Assistant Manager with multiple years combined experience
  • On-site, closed circuit cameras to ensure the safety of our residents
  • Due to our success, we are expanding and adding additional housing
  • Weight-lifting and recreational areas provided

We Are Conveniently Located Ingram, Texas, The Mecca For Recovery In The South. The First Step Sober Living is a new and functional sober-living apartment community for adult males, recovery related for after substance abuse treatment. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Please Click Here to get in touch.

Commitment is the first step toward sobriety. Our recommendation for success and continued recovery is a 90-day stay. The rent at First Step Sober Living located in Ingram, Texas nestled in the Texas Hill Country is rent currently $550 per month. There will be a one-time non-refundable admission fee of $200. The rent is due upon move-in date. Read More.

Adam Zontak, is the Director of Operations, the managing live-in director of The First Step Sober Living Apartments. By choosing to live in The First Step Sober Living community, you are agreeing that he is in charge and his instructions are to be followed without fail. Failure to do so will lead to immediate expulsion or other disciplinary actions. Read The Rules.

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