We're here to answer your questions.

If you need more information, please call us at 210.667.0111


General Information

Where are you located?

The TSL Community is located in Ingram, Texas. We are nestled in the Texas Hill Country near Kerrville. Ingram is a suburb of Kerrville, we are only 5 mins away. Locate Us.

Our addresss:
605 Main St. North
Ingram, TX 78025

phone: 210.667.0111

How do I apply?

The Texas Sober Living Community goes through an interview process to stay at our facility. We take this extra step to be sure all of our tenants are truly interested in “recovery”. We are protecting everyone’s security.

The steps you can prepare for:

  • Interview with our Manager or Directors
  • Once approved, please fill out our Admissions paperwork
  • The Admissions paperwork will be processed and approved
What payment methods do you offer?

We want everyone to have the option of leading a clean and sober lifestyle. Currently, we offer Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards, money orders, and cashier checks. Private rooms may be available upon request and on a case by case basis. Please contact the Director for more details.

What are the house rules?
Yes, we have house rules. Yes, we strictly enforce them. Again, this is for everyone’s safety and security. We want you to succeed. Enforcing the rules keeps our other tenants on a successful route. Please call us for full details.
What are your hours?

Texas Sober Living Apartment Community is a 24/7 day operation. A representative from our management team is on-site 24/7 to manage any situation that would arise. If there is an emergency please contact our Director of Operations: Aaron – 210.667.0111

For Tenants

What does TSL expect of tenants?

Recovery is tough and we want you to be successful. To ensure we give you all the tools to work with here is what we need from every tenant approved to start your stay at TSL:


  • Get a job. Try the Texas Workforce Commission
  • Because the First month of after care is so crucial to long term recovery, we require you to attend 30 meetings in 30 days for your first month, further details are available in the house rules, give us a call to find out more.
  • Attend 4 – 12-Step Meetings a week (We have a meeting here at our Rec Hall on Thursday @ 7 pm.)
  • Attend the mandatory weekly meetings held by the Management.
  • Each tenant will be assigned on premise chores, and the most important, willingness to get along with others.
  • Follow House Rules!
How does TSL empower our tenants?

One of the newest programs we are developing is “Life Skills”. Our tenants have learned many new skills from learning to write a resume, how to create a budget and live within budget, learning how to interview for a job, good communication, and interpersonal skills. This program is being expanded for your success. Additionally, the TSL community in Ingram, TX is a part of an H&I program to share your testimonials with others struggling with addiction, while they are still in rehabilitation.

Do you have other tools to help me stay on track?
You will have the full and unconditional support from the management staff who has gone through every step you will go through. Our goal is to create success.
What should I bring to TSL?

As we are a temporary living community, it's appropriate to bring a minimal amount of personal effects. We have on-site wash/dry laundry facilities, and limited closet and storage space on the property for each tenant. No more than two suitcases are allowed.